What we see on social media isn’t always true

Sometimes when you’re scrolling through your social media, it can feel like you’re being bombarded by people living perfect lives. But what you are seeing isn’t necessarily the truth.

When people use different social media, they are choosing snapshots of their lives to share with everyone else.

People post photos of their amazing holidays, their great jobs, achievements they’ve received and presents or new “things” they have bought.

Seeing these “Posts” can make you filled with jealousy, generally followed by guilt or sadness.

The thing is, these “Posts” are generally not the whole reflection of their lives. They are snapshots creating a “Highlight Reel” on your social media feed. People don’t take photos of their worst moments, but rather, they take photos of the moments they are filled with joy or pictures that will help them get the most ‘likes’.

It is only human to want more than what we have. We see what others have, this life that others live and think “Hey, I want that too!”. But remember, what you are seeing is their carefully edited “Highlight reel”. You don’t see their battles, their challenges, and their failures.

As Theodore Roosevelt famously said – “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

How you feel is valid. However, it doesn’t matter what other people’s lives “look like”. Your life has its own highs and hows and they are YOURS. Be kind to yourself and remember that social media isn’t reality.


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