Our Story

For the last two years, we’ve held an event named Storytelling, during which you send in a piece of writing and then are rewarded for doing so. It’s been fun, but this year things are a little different.


Yep. A book.

With the help of a wonderful publisher in Global Publishing and generous donor, we are making a real, hold in your hand, put on your coffee table, show off to your friends, professional book. Best of all is if you have a piece of writing published in the book or artwork used in the design of the cover leaf, you will receive your very own copy of the book.

What Can You Submit For the Book?

  • Story or collection of stories (500-2000 words maximum for all)
  • A poem or collection of poems (max 500 words, and maximum of three poems)
  • Uncategorised writing (max 500 words)
  • Lyrics (max 250 words)
  • A letter (max 500 words)
  • Film, play or musical script (250-2000 words)
  • Essay or essays (500-2000 words)
  • Article or articles (250-1000 words)
  • Prose (max 500 words)
  • Artwork for the cover design (no max entries)

You may submit one piece or one collection of writing–this must be the same category of writing (for example, three different poems). It must your own, original work and not exceed the maximum word count in brackets.

You may submit more than one piece of art for the cover leaf. This is not meant to be a full-cover, just something to be used as part of a collective creation. Again, any work must be your own, original work.

Not everything submitted is guaranteed to be used or published, but we will work with you to get a piece to the point that it can. Cover art may be more difficult to be used in its original form, but may serve as inspiration for design. Regardless, if something of yours contributes to the cover, you will receive credit on the interior.

How Do You Submit Something?

Upload to the newsfeed and tag @ourstory

If you want feedback please check in with @tommylw or any other host who is happy to provide some. You can also email [email protected] to get specific feedback on your work.

We Will Need Your Consent

If you are over eighteen, we can get it directly from you. If you are under eighteen, we will need to get in touch with a parent/guardian of yours. We’ll organise this part.

What Else is Happening?

  • Livestreams of games and discussions to help you get creative and have some fun
  • Articles that will help you or maybe just interest you
  • Newsfeed games
  • Chat rooms for discussion, Q & A, and to help each other with your writing
  • Fun facts about literature

When Do I Need to Share my Story by?

There’s no rush to get your story summitted, spend time developing it with the support of events and activates we have planned ☝
We don’t have an exact timeframe at the moment, we’re aiming towards end of October and will keep you all updated.

As usual, the community rules of Livewire apply for the content of your work. If you are unsure of something, or need clarification you can always ask a chat host.
This book will not be sold publicly once published, only Livewire Members, Starlight, the publisher and donor will have copies.
Each Livewire member who has art or a story in the book, will get one copy each.