Livewire Film Festival

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s time for the Annual Livewire Film Festival 🎥👏

This March, we’re getting creative by making videos to share on Livewire. Jump online to check out some of the awesome past entries and find out more on how to enter. 

  • To participate you need to be a fully validated Livewire Member, so click Join Now on the home page to register
  • We are looking for videos under 5 minutes long!
  • Once your film is made, upload it to the LW TV page and tag @livewirecompetitions
  • Then, in April we will open voting for the People’s Choice Award – to be eligible to win you’ll need to vote in the People’s Choice Awards.
  • There will be prizesssss!!
  • And lastly, we’ll have a movie night- a Livewire Film Festival where we all hang out and watch all these awesome short films together!

But… I Don’t Know How To Make A Movie!

Oh yeah you do!! You just don’t know it yet. There are no limits to what you can make here. A stop motion. An animation. A documentary. An intro to you and your life. A review. A compilation of your favorite dance moves. A slideshow. An abstract. An opera performed entirely by your cats. Your film can be whatever you want it to be, made any way you like.

Filmmaking is a great way to be creative, fill in your time, and make something cool! As an added bonus, we’ll all get to hang out together (virtually) for our Film Festival, and you’ll get some awesome LW appreciation coming your way!!

So… what are you waiting for? Get planning, get story boarding, and get filming! Need help? That is what we are here for! When you’re logged into the Livewire community, ask a chat host for help, ideas, and tips if you need them.