Legend Convention has arrived. Celebrating all things pop culture this November!

November. A month like any other…or is it!?

If you answered no to this, and then proceeded to click attending on the Legend Convention event https://my.livewire.org.au/events/legend-convention/ , congratulations! You’ve just collected your first point on the path to being crowned Legend of Legends and scoring some wild prizes along the way!

Throughout the month you’ll have chances to collect additional points by:

– attending one of 12 dedicated trivia events on subjects ranging from Disney to DC, Shrek to Video Games, Musicals and much, much more!

– watching your favourite weekly live streams – Ms Squiggle, Would I LIvewirE To You (WILTY) and Catchphrase.

– attending special events featuring guest artists and experts from the world of comics, gaming and pop culture based craft!

– staying alert (but not alarmed) for other opportunities as they arise.

Prizes will be given along the way – and in even more amazing news – as soon as you’ve joined the Legend Convention group and collected your first 5 points you’ll win yourself your very own Amazon Echo!

We’ll be updating the competition leaderboard daily so stay tuned.

Best of luck in your quest! 🙂